Comedy,Romance   United States of America

The timid young man, named Sam, is diagnosed with a terminal illness that gives him only a few months to live. Devastated by the news, he becomes determined to seek closure on one unresolved issue in his life: the sudden departure of his childhood sweetheart, Lyla. Despite his reserved nature, Sam reunites with his outrageous and outspoken childhood friends, Max and Jess, to embark on a road trip to find Lyla and learn the truth behind her disappearance.

As they journey across the country, Sam and his friends revisit their past, rekindling old memories and friendships. Along the way, they encounter various challenges and comedic mishaps, but their bond grows stronger as they support and encourage each other through the ups and downs of their quest.

As they get closer to finding Lyla, Sam begins to grapple with his own mortality and the impact he has had on the lives of those around him. The journey becomes not just about finding closure with Lyla, but also about finding meaning and purpose in their limited time together.

Ultimately, the group comes face to face with Lyla, and the truth behind her departure is revealed. Through their shared experiences and newfound understanding, Sam and Lyla are able to find peace and closure. Back to Lyla is a heartfelt and uplifting story about love, friendship, and the pursuit of closure in the face of life's uncertainties.
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