Comedy   France

The Exes is a romantic comedy film that follows the intertwining lives of several characters who are dealing with the aftermath of their past relationships. Antoine, a commitment-phobe, finds himself torn between his fear of commitment and his feelings for his ex. Didier is struggling to move on from his ex-wife and is constantly reminded of their failed marriage. Father Laurent is faced with the challenge of officiating the wedding of his ex-girlfriend, Julie.

Meanwhile, Serge is being hounded by Lise, the ex-girlfriend of his current girlfriend. And Greg, still reeling from his breakup, finds solace in spending time with his ex's dog. As these characters navigate the complexities of their past relationships, there is a chance that they may find themselves falling back in love with their exes.

The film explores the themes of love, heartbreak, and the difficulties of letting go of the past. With humor and heart, The Exes delves into the messy and complicated world of exes and the lasting impact they have on our lives.
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