Drama   United States of America

The protagonist, Antonio LeBlanc, is a successful tattoo artist and loving husband to his wife Kathy, who is pregnant with their first child. However, his happy life is thrown into chaos when he is suddenly targeted for deportation due to a decades-old criminal conviction. As Antonio fights to stay in the country and be with his family, he is forced to confront the trauma of his past and the systemic injustices that have plagued his life.

As the threat of deportation looms over him, Antonio seeks help from an immigration lawyer, but he faces numerous obstacles in his fight to stay in the United States. Meanwhile, tensions in his marriage rise as Kathy begins to question Antonio's past and his ability to provide for their family.

Throughout the movie, flashbacks reveal Antonio's troubled childhood in Korea and his adoption by a white American family in Louisiana. These flashbacks shed light on the discrimination and hardships Antonio has faced as a Korean-American man in the South.

As Antonio's legal battle intensifies, he grapples with feelings of anger, fear, and frustration, all while striving to be a good husband and prepare for fatherhood. The movie portrays the emotional and psychological toll of the immigration system on individuals and families, as well as the complexity of identity and belonging in a country that often fails to recognize the humanity of its immigrants.

In the end, Antonio's fate hangs in the balance as he fights for his right to remain in the only home he has ever known, navigating the complexities of his past and present in a gripping and emotional journey.
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