Drama   Spain

In the movie "Petra," after the death of her mother, Petra sets out on a journey to discover the identity of her father, uncovering a web of secrecy that has shrouded her entire life. Her path leads her to Jaume, a renowned and powerful artist known for his ruthlessness.

As Petra delves deeper into her search, she encounters Jaume's son, Lucas, and his mother, Marisa, who is also Jaume's wife. The lives of these characters begin to intertwine, revealing a dark and twisted family history filled with hidden secrets, malice, and violence.

With every revelation, the tension escalates, pushing them all to the edge of their sanity. As they struggle with their complicated relationships and the burden of their pasts, they find themselves propelled into a spiral of lies and deception. The film explores the destructive power of family secrets and the lengths to which people will go to protect their own interests.

However, in a surprising twist, fate takes an unexpected turn, derailing the cruel logic of their circumstances. This unexpected event opens a path towards hope and redemption, offering the characters a chance to break free from the cycle of malice and find solace in their shared humanity.

"Petra" delves into the depths of human nature, exploring themes of identity, forgiveness, and the intricate dynamics of family relationships. It uncovers the consequences of people's actions, both past and present, and highlights the healing power of redemption in the face of darkness.
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