Drama   South Korea

In the movie "Hotel by the River", an old poet named Younghwan stays in a riverside hotel without any specific reason. He senses his impending death and decides to bring together his two estranged sons, Kyungsoo and Byungsoo, for one last time.

Meanwhile, a young woman named Sanghee suffers a betrayal from the man she was living with. Broken-hearted and in need of support, she checks into the same hotel. Feeling lonely, she calls her close friend, Mina, to come and stay with her.

As Younghwan spends the day with his sons, the complicated dynamics of their relationship unfold. They discuss their past, grievances, and unspoken emotions. Despite their attempts to reconcile, deep-seated conflicts and unresolved issues make it difficult for them to find closure in just one day.

Simultaneously, Sanghee's heartache intensifies as she struggles to come to terms with her recent betrayal. The weight of the situation and her fragile emotional state lead her towards a path of introspection and reflection.

Finally, the narrative takes an unexpected turn when an incredibly heavy snowfall blankets the hotel. This creates a beautiful yet melancholic atmosphere, further emphasizing the isolation and emotional turmoil felt by the characters.

As the snow falls, Younghwan encounters Sanghee and Mina, who have also been impacted by the enchanting snowstorm. These chance encounters amidst the winter wonderland prompt introspection, self-discovery, and unexpected connections. They find solace and empathy in each other's company, creating a fragile bond that transcends the boundaries of their individual struggles.

"Hotel by the River" delves into themes of family, estrangement, love, loss, and the search for meaning in life's fleeting moments. It explores how chance meetings and unexpected connections can provide solace and remind us of the beauty and fragility of human existence in the face of mortality.
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