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In the movie Minions, the story begins in the 1960s, where we learn that the Minions have existed since the dawn of time, seeking out the most despicable masters to serve. However, their unintentional destructive nature always causes problems, leading to the untimely demise of their masters, from a T-Rex to Dracula and Napoleon.

With no one to serve, the Minions feel lost and fall into a deep depression. In order to find a new master, three determined Minions, Stuart, Kevin, and Bob, set out on a journey to attend a villain convention in Orlando.

Once there, they catch the attention of Scarlet Overkill, a stylish, ambitious super-villain who is determined to become the first female super-villain and take over the world. Scarlet, accompanied by her husband Herb, an eccentric inventor, decides to hire the Minions and put them to work in her evil plan.

Scarlet orders the Minions to steal the Queen's crown in London, as she believes wearing it will bring her ultimate power. The Minions successfully infiltrate the Tower of London, but inadvertently, Bob pulls out a sword, causing Queen Elizabeth II's crown to fall into a slow-moving carriage that departs unnoticed.

With the crown lost, Scarlet turns against the Minions and plans to execute them. Meanwhile, Bob, who had accidentally pulled out Excalibur, is proclaimed as the King of England by the previous monarch's spirit. This revelation grants the Minions a chance to redeem themselves and win back Scarlet's favor.

The Minions and Scarlet travel to England to meet Bob, who is thrilled to be a king but misses his Minion family. Realizing their mistake, the Minions apologize to Bob and convince him to join them in stopping Scarlet's evil plan. They scheme to use Herb's risky invention, the PX-41 serum, on Scarlet, turning her into a monster and saving the world from her reign. However, due to a mix-up, they accidentally inject Herb, and he transforms into a colossal beast.

In a thrilling climax, the Minions engage in a battle against Herb and Scarlet, utilizing their mischievous nature and teamwork. Eventually, Scarlet is defeated, and Herb is returned to normal. With the world saved, the Minions find themselves without a master once again.

The movie ends with the Minions returning to Antarctica, where they find solace in serving a young Gru, setting up the events of the subsequent Despicable Me franchise.
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