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In the movie "Demoted," the story follows two tire salesmen named Mike and Rodney, who are known for their constant pranks and juvenile behavior at work. However, their pranks ultimately cross the line when they play a prank on their intolerant and vindictive boss, Ken Castro.

Fed up with their behavior, Ken decides to punish the two by demoting them from their sales positions to secretarial jobs. Mike and Rodney are horrified by their new roles, as they are treated as outsiders and subjected to constant ridicule from their fellow employees. Their coworkers, who were once their victims, now take pleasure in tormenting them.

Desperate to regain their former positions, Mike and Rodney hatch a plan to prove their worth and get their revenge on Ken. They devise a scheme to sabotage a fellow coworker's deal, which they believe will impress Ken and earn their promotions back. However, their plan backfires, and they only manage to make matters worse.

As Mike and Rodney struggle with the consequences of their actions, they begin to realize their own immaturity and lack of responsibilities. They start working harder, taking their jobs seriously, and forming genuine connections with their coworkers. They see that the secretarial role isn't as easy as they initially thought and understand the challenges of the job.

During this process, Mike and Rodney also discover a scandal involving Ken, uncovering his unfair treatment of employees and unethical practices within the company. With this newfound knowledge, they decide to take matters into their own hands and expose Ken's wrongdoings.

In a dramatic and comedic turn of events, Mike and Rodney confront Ken, revealing his secrets to the entire company. Ken's reputation is ruined, and he is eventually fired. The coworkers, who had previously mocked and mistreated Mike and Rodney, rally behind them as they realize the depths of Ken's misconduct.

In the end, Mike and Rodney not only avenged themselves but also helped bring about positive change within the company. They are ultimately promoted back to their original positions, but this time, they have grown, acquired maturity, and are respected by their peers.

"Demoted" is a story of personal growth, friendship, and learning to take responsibility for one's actions while not allowing others to define their worth.
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