Drama   United Kingdom,Germany

"Distant Voices, Still Lives" is a lyrical and evocative film that explores the lives of the members of the working-class family in Liverpool during the post-war era. The film is divided into two parts, with the first part focusing on the family's everyday life, and the second part delving into the aftermath of the father's death.

The film captures the everyday moments and rituals of the family, such as singing around the piano, the mother's struggles with her husband's abusive behavior, and the siblings' attempts to find solace and escape in their own ways. Despite the hardships and tensions within the family, there are also moments of love, joy, and tenderness that are beautifully portrayed.

The second part of the film deals with the long-lasting effects of the father's death on the family, as they continue to grapple with their grief and memories. The film further explores how the past continues to haunt the family, as they try to come to terms with their losses and find a way to move forward.

Through striking visuals and a haunting soundtrack, "Distant Voices, Still Lives" captures the emotional depth and complexity of the family's experiences, creating a powerful and intimate portrait of working-class life in post-war Liverpool.
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