Horror,Thriller   United States of America

Haunt begins with a group of friends, including the protagonist Harper, who are looking for a thrill on Halloween night. They stumble upon an "extreme" haunted house in a remote area, where they are required to sign a waiver before entering. Once inside, they begin to realize that this haunted house is unlike anything they have ever experienced before. They are separated and forced to confront their worst fears, but soon, they realize that this "haunt" is more than just a spooky attraction.

As they delve deeper into the haunted house, they come face to face with terrifyingly realistic scenes and dangerous obstacles. The group begins to suspect that the employees running the haunt may not just be actors, and the line between what is real and what is a performance becomes increasingly blurred. They soon realize they are not the only ones in danger, and they must fight to survive the night.

As the friends navigate through the increasingly brutal and sadistic challenges, they come to the horrifying realization that the haunted house is actually a trap set by a group of sadistic individuals who revel in the terror and agony of their victims. They are now in a fight for their lives, trying to outwit their captors and escape the nightmare they have been unwittingly ensnared in.

Haunt is a thrilling and intense horror movie that showcases the characters' struggles with their own fears while simultaneously being hunted by real-life monsters. The film keeps viewers on the edge of their seats as the protagonists fight for survival and face the darkest aspects of human nature.
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