Comedy,Drama,Romance   United States of America

The film follows sisters Sarah and Emily, who have always been at odds with each other. Sarah is the responsible older sister who has been running the family's film company, while Emily is the free-spirited younger sibling who has been traveling the world and pursuing her own interests.

During the holiday season, tragedy strikes when their father, the founder of the film company, passes away suddenly, leaving the family and the company in disarray. To make matters worse, their mother is diagnosed with a serious illness, and their family home is in danger of being foreclosed.

Forced to put aside their differences, Sarah and Emily must come together to save the company and keep the family intact. They face numerous challenges, including financial struggles, power struggles within the company, and personal conflicts. Along the way, they learn about their father's secret plans for the company and discover the true meaning of family and sisterhood.

In the end, they are able to turn the company around with a holiday-themed film that rekindles the spirit of the company and brings the family closer together. Through their journey, Sarah and Emily also reconcile their past differences and find a renewed sense of sisterhood and love for each other.
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