Action,Comedy,Crime   United States of America

After inheriting his brother's patrol special district, George Kuffs decides to take on the responsibility of running the business and cleaning up the crime-ridden neighborhood. Despite his lack of experience and qualifications, George is determined to make a difference and prove himself worthy of his brother's legacy.

As George works to make a positive impact on the community, he faces numerous obstacles and challenges, including resistance from corrupt officials and dangerous criminals who are determined to maintain control of the district.

With the help of his friends and allies, including his tough-as-nails girlfriend Maya and a quirky band of misfits, George navigates the treacherous world of crime-fighting and ultimately succeeds in bringing peace and order to the neighborhood.

Along the way, George also struggles with his personal demons and grapples with the responsibilities of fatherhood, ultimately finding redemption and a sense of purpose in his new role as a patrol special.
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