Drama   Canada,United States of America

In The Accused, the young woman named Sarah Tobias, played by Jodie Foster, is brutally gang-raped on a pinball machine by a group of men in a bar. Instead of coming to her aid, the bystanders at the bar, including some of the patrons and the bartender, cheer on the attackers and even film the assault.

Afterwards, Sarah seeks justice for what happened to her and decides to press charges against both her rapists and the onlookers who encouraged the attack. The case attracts the attention of Assistant District Attorney Kathryn Murphy, played by Kelly McGillis, who takes on Sarah's legal representation.

As the trial unfolds, Kathryn faces numerous challenges, including a defense attorney who tries to paint Sarah as a promiscuous party girl who was asking for what happened to her. The bar owner and the men who participated in the assault also try to shift blame onto Sarah and deny any wrongdoing.

Ultimately, the film explores themes of victim-blaming, bystander intervention, and the legal system's handling of sexual assault cases. The Accused received critical acclaim for its powerful performances, particularly from Foster, who won an Academy Award for her portrayal of Sarah.
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