Drama   United States of America,France

So Pretty follows the lives of four young individuals in New York City who identify as queer, as they navigate the challenges of maintaining their tight-knit community in the face of societal pressures and the outside world. As they grapple with their own identities and relationships, their lives unexpectedly intersect with the events and themes of the 1980s German novel "So schön" by Ronald M. Schernikau.

The novel "So schön" explores themes of politics, sexuality, and identity, which resonate with the characters in the film. As they engage with the novel and its ideas, the characters find themselves questioning their own beliefs and understanding of the world around them.

Throughout the movie, the characters struggle with issues such as discrimination, love, and the desire for a more inclusive and accepting society. They must confront the challenges of maintaining their sense of community and belonging, while also confronting the harsh realities of the world outside their utopian bubble.

Ultimately, So Pretty delves into the complexities of identity, community, and the struggle for acceptance, while also drawing parallels to the themes of the German novel "So schön."
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