Romance,Comedy,Music,Drama   China

Our Shining Days follows the story of Chen Jing, a talented and passionate erhu player who is determined to revive the Chinese orchestra ensemble at her high school. She teams up with a group of like-minded students who share her love for traditional Chinese music and culture.

As they begin to practice and prepare for competitions, they encounter many challenges, such as lack of support from their school, financial struggles, and a fierce rivalry with the more popular Western orchestra club. The students also face personal obstacles, including doubts about their abilities and the pressure to conform to societal expectations.

Despite these obstacles, the group perseveres and is determined to prove themselves on a national stage. Their hard work and dedication pays off as they overcome their rivals and make a stunning performance that showcases the beauty and complexity of Chinese music.

Through their journey, the students not only learn the value of teamwork and perseverance but also gain a deeper appreciation for their cultural heritage. Our Shining Days is a heartwarming and inspiring film that celebrates the power of music to bring people together and the importance of preserving traditional art forms.
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