Drama,Comedy   United States of America

In the film "Flower," Erica Vandross, a rebellious and quick-witted 17-year-old, lives in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles with her single mother, Laurie, and Laurie's new boyfriend, Bob. Their household dynamic is disrupted when Bob's troubled and mentally unbalanced son, Luke, returns from rehab to live with them.

As Erica tries to navigate her own personal struggles and the complexities of her unconventional family life, she becomes overwhelmed. Determined to assert herself, she forms an unlikely alliance with her friends Kala and Claudine. Together, they embark on a mischievous journey of rebellion and self-discovery.

In an act of defiance, Erica discovers a dark secret about one of her high school teachers. Unafraid of the consequences, she decides to expose the truth and seek justice. As their plan unfolds, the group faces unexpected twists and must confront the consequences of their actions.

Throughout the film, Flower explores themes of coming of age, the search for identity, and the complexities of family relationships. Erica's rebellious nature, quick wit, and fearless pursuit of truth provide a compelling narrative that drives the story forward. As the plot unfolds, Erica's actions have unexpected repercussions, leading her to question the boundaries between right and wrong, and ultimately forcing her to confront her own vulnerability and sense of responsibility.
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