Drama   United States of America,Poland

Maya Dardel, an elderly and acclaimed poet, decides to end her life and announces a competition to find an heir and executor. Young writers from all over come to her secluded mountain home to compete for the coveted role.

The contenders are challenged intellectually by Maya, who questions their literary abilities and challenges them to prove themselves worthy of inheriting her legacy. Emotionally, they are pushed to their limits as they confront their own desires for success and recognition in the literary world.

As the competition progresses, the young writers also find themselves drawn into erotic entanglements with Maya, who uses her seductive power to further test their emotional and moral strength.

Throughout the process, the contenders also must navigate their relationships with each other, leading to complex power struggles and personal revelations.

Ultimately, Maya's competition becomes a journey of self-discovery for the young writers, forcing them to confront their own fears, desires, and ambitions in a surreal and intellectually charged environment.
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