Drama,Action,Thriller   South Korea

As Myung-hoon continues his mission as a spy in South Korea, he starts developing feelings for the girl he rescued, Hye-in. Despite his commitment to his little sister's safety, he finds himself torn between loyalty to his family and his growing affection for Hye-in.

Meanwhile, South Korean Intelligence agents, led by Agent Min-jae, intensify their efforts to capture Myung-hoon. They are aware of his infiltration and consider him a threat to national security. Their pursuit becomes relentless, endangering not only Myung-hoon's life but also the lives of those he cares about.

During his time in South Korea, Myung-hoon uncovers a secret plan by North Korean agents, involving the construction of a highly destructive weapon. Realizing the potential danger this poses, Myung-hoon takes it upon himself to gather evidence and expose the plan, hoping to prevent a catastrophe.

As Myung-hoon gets closer to completing his mission, his cover is blown, and both the South Korean Intelligence and his own government become aware of his true identity. An intense cat-and-mouse chase ensues as he tries to gather the necessary evidence while evading capture.

In the midst of his dangerous escapades, Myung-hoon's little sister, Hye-in, manages to escape the labor prison camp and finds her way to her brother in South Korea. The siblings are reunited, fueling Myung-hoon's determination to protect her at all costs.

However, the North Korean government sends a skilled assassin, known as Shadow, to eliminate Myung-hoon and tie up any loose ends. A deadly confrontation between Myung-hoon, Agent Min-jae, and Shadow becomes inevitable as they each fight for their own agendas and survival.

In a heart-pounding climax, Myung-hoon must make difficult choices that will determine the fate of not only his family but also the balance of power between North and South Korea. The movie highlights themes of sacrifice, loyalty, and the blurred lines between duty and personal relationships in the face of political turmoil and espionage.
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