Comedy,Romance,Science Fiction,Drama   United States of America

Safety Not Guaranteed follows the journey of three magazine employees: Darius Britt, an intern; Jeff, a seasoned journalist; and Arnau, a quiet and nerdy coworker. They embark on an assignment to investigate a peculiar classified ad seeking a time travel companion. The ad, placed by a man named Kenneth Calloway, intrigues them with its unique and potentially delusional request.

Darius, posing as a potential candidate, responds to the ad and establishes contact with Kenneth. She manages to earn his trust and convinces him that she is genuinely interested in joining him on his time travel mission. As their communication progresses, Darius becomes more drawn to Kenneth and his enigmatic personality. Jeff and Arnau, along with the interns' eccentric boss, Bridget, also join Darius in her quest to uncover the truth behind Kenneth's claims.

Meanwhile, the film explores the personal lives of the characters. Darius, grappling with her own sense of purpose and loneliness, finds solace in her connection with Kenneth. Jeff, a disillusioned and charismatic womanizer, realizes the importance of human connections and gradually develops a romantic interest in a local girl, Liz.

Darius and Kenneth begin their training sessions for the supposedly imminent time travel. Darius becomes increasingly dubious about whether Kenneth is genuinely building a time machine or if he is merely deluded. However, as she delves deeper into his life, she discovers Kenneth's tragic backstory and the personal trauma he harbors.

In a parallel storyline, Jeff's attempts to woo Liz meet with various obstacles. Jeff, who initially uses the assignment as an opportunity to pursue meaningless flings, starts to appreciate genuine connections and personal growth. Arnau, struggling with social anxiety, finds his own courage during their quest and gains self-confidence.

As the movie progresses, the characters confront their fears, failures, and desires. They prepare themselves for the potential reality of traveling through time with Kenneth, all while discovering important life lessons along the way. Ultimately, Safety Not Guaranteed poses intriguing questions about belief, the nature of reality, and the transformative power of human connections.
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