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In the movie Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, Sean Anderson, a young adventurer, receives a coded distress signal and believes it is from his long-lost grandfather Alexander. This signal leads him to believe that his grandfather has discovered the legendary Mysterious Island spoken of in Jules Verne's books.

Determined to find his grandfather and uncover the truth, Sean convinces his stepfather, Hank, to join him on an expedition to find the mythical island. They enlist the help of a helicopter pilot named Gabato and his daughter Kailani, who are familiar with the area.

Their journey takes them to the Pacific Ocean, where they encounter a massive storm that damages their helicopter, forcing them to crash land on an uncharted island. It becomes clear that this island is far from ordinary, as they encounter various unusual creatures and strange phenomena.

Sean soon discovers that the island is sinking due to a series of earthquakes. In their quest to save themselves and find Alexander, they must find the hidden secret of the island before it disappears underwater forever.

As they explore further, they come across giant bees, tiny elephants, and other bizarre creatures. Along the way, they also discover clues left behind by Sean's grandfather, leading them closer to unraveling the island's mysteries.

Facing numerous challenges and dangers, including pirate threats and volcanic eruptions, the group navigates through treacherous terrain, using their wits and teamwork. They eventually reach a dormant volcano that holds the key to saving the island.

Inside the volcano, they find Alexander, who reveals that he has been living on the island for years, studying its secrets. He had sent the coded distress signal to lure Sean to the island so they could spend time together. However, he also warns them that they must hurry because the island's time is running out.

With the help of Alexander's knowledge and Sean's determination, the group successfully neutralizes the volcanic threat and prevents the island from sinking completely. They manage to escape just in time, using a makeshift hot air balloon to soar into the sky.

In the end, Sean and his family reunite, having formed a strong bond through their perilous journey. They return home with a newfound appreciation for adventure and family, cherishing the memories and lessons learned during their time on the Mysterious Island.
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