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The movie begins with the Teen Titans Go! team, known for their comedic and lighthearted approach to crime-fighting, being transported to the world of the original Teen Titans, from the 2003 animated series. The two teams instantly clash due to their different styles and personalities, with the Teen Titans Go! team being more silly and carefree, while the original Teen Titans are more serious and focused.

However, their disagreements are put on hold when they discover that villains from both of their worlds, including Trigon and Hexagon, have joined forces to unleash chaos and destruction upon the multiverse. In addition, Santa Claus is revealed to be under the control of the villains, and his magical powers are being used for evil.

As the two teams work together reluctantly, they encounter numerous challenges and obstacles, including battling their own internal conflicts and overcoming their differences. They soon realize that in order to save the multiverse, they must set aside their egos and unite as one team.

The Titans face off against various enemies, including different versions of themselves, and ultimately confront Trigon and Hexagon in an epic battle. They also embark on a journey through time, where they come face to face with historical figures and have to navigate through different time periods in order to stop the villains' plans.

In the end, the Titans manage to overcome the odds and defeat the villains, saving the multiverse and restoring peace. The experience brings them closer together, and they come to understand and appreciate each other's strengths and quirks. The movie ends with both teams returning to their respective worlds, but with a newfound sense of camarader.
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