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Sure! Here are some additional plot details for the movie "What Doesn't Kill Us":

Despite his already chaotic life, Max finds himself drawn to Sophie, a woman struggling with a gambling addiction and a toxic relationship with her boyfriend. As their sessions progress, Max begins to develop a deep connection with Sophie, going above and beyond his role as her therapist. He becomes invested in helping her not only overcome her compulsive gambling but also navigate the troubled waters of her personal life.

Meanwhile, Max's ex-wife, who is also his best friend, tries to support him but often adds to the complications. She frequently encourages Max to prioritize his own needs and to set boundaries with his patients. As he struggles to juggle his own responsibilities, his daughters' needs, and his role as a therapist, Max finds himself facing a personal crisis.

In an unexpected turn of events, Sophie's boyfriend becomes increasingly abusive, which pushes Max to intervene and protect her. This decision puts his professional reputation at risk and strains his relationship with his ex-wife, who questions his actions.

Amidst all the chaos, Max's new dog becomes a source of comfort and stability for him and his daughters, providing some much-needed levity in the midst of his challenging circumstances.

As Max continues to fight for Sophie's well-being, he begins to question his own decisions and motivations. He must confront his vulnerability and the blurred boundaries between his personal life and his professional responsibilities. Ultimately, Max's journey becomes about his own self-discovery and learning how to handle the obstacles that life throws at him while maintaining his own sense of self and purpose.

"What Doesn't Kill Us" is a heartfelt and complex drama that explores the challenges of balancing personal and professional relationships, the impact of addiction on individuals and those around them, and the transformative power of human connection and self-reflection.
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