Comedy,Crime,Drama   United States of America

Sue Buttons, the overlooked pencil-pusher, is a middle-aged woman living a mundane life in the small town of Yuba County. Her husband Karl is emotionally distant and often neglectful, leaving her feeling invisible and unappreciated. One day, in a desperate attempt to gain his attention, Sue plans a surprise anniversary party for Karl, inviting all their friends and neighbors.

However, when Sue arrives home early to find Karl in bed with another woman, she is devastated. The shock and anger cause Karl to have a heart attack and die on the spot. In a panic, Sue realizes that her dream of being loved and recognized in her marriage is shattered forever. Instead of reporting Karl's death to the authorities, she decides to bury his body in their backyard, hoping to save face and maintain the illusion of a happy marriage.

To her surprise, the news of Karl's disappearance sparks media attention, and Sue unwittingly becomes the center of a city-wide search for her missing husband. As the media hype grows, Sue finds herself enjoying the newfound celebrity status, reveling in the attention she has never experienced before. She becomes a local hero, even gaining the support of a popular local politician.

However, Sue's situation quickly spirals out of control. Dodging suspicious detectives and dangerous criminals who believe she knows the whereabouts of a hidden fortune, Sue finds herself in precarious situations. With each passing day, the lies and deception become more tangled, and Sue struggles to keep up the facade while avoiding her sister, Nancy, who works as a news anchor and is determined to discover the truth behind her husband's disappearance.

As Nancy becomes suspicious and begins digging deeper into Sue's life, the two sisters find themselves at odds. Sue desperately tries to maintain her secret, while Nancy grows more desperate for a breakthrough story that will catapult her career. The sisters' relationship becomes strained, leading them down a path of betrayal and unexpected revelations.

Breaking News in Yuba County is a dark comedy that explores themes of identity, loneliness, and the hunger for fame and recognition. Through a series of unpredictable events, Sue Buttons navigates a treacherous world of deception and danger, all while desperately clinging to the illusion of her perfect life. Ultimately, Sue must confront her own desires and face the consequences of her actions, discovering that true happiness and self-acceptance cannot be found in the spotlight but within herself.
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