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Sure! Here are some additional plot details for the movie "Please Baby Please":

Suze and Arthur, a young newlywed couple, lead a seemingly ordinary life in 1950s Manhattan. However, their lives take a dramatic turn when they witness a murder while strolling through the gritty streets of the city one night. The murder is committed by a notorious greaser gang known as The Vipers.

As the only witnesses to the crime, Suze and Arthur become the target of The Vipers' dangerous obsession. The gang members, led by the charismatic and ruthless Tony "Snake" Rossi, are determined to silence the couple to protect their criminal activities. The Vipers initiate a relentless pursuit, constantly threatening and terrorizing Suze and Arthur.

Amidst this dangerous situation, Suze and Arthur must navigate not only the threats from The Vipers but also face a deepening quandary that emerges within their own relationship. The constant fear and chaos force the couple to examine their sexual identity and reconsider their desires and boundaries.

Suze, previously questioning her sexuality, starts to explore her attraction towards women. This exploration challenges the societal norms of the time and leads her to connect with an underground lesbian community that secretly exists within Manhattan's vibrant nightlife.

On the other hand, Arthur finds himself torn between his love for Suze and his desire to protect her from the dangerous world they have been thrust into. He struggles with his own sexual identity, ultimately questioning his own desires and societal expectations.

As Suze and Arthur navigate the treacherous world of 1950s New York City and the threats from The Vipers, their relationship grows stronger. They find solace and support in each other, allowing them to confront their innermost fears and embrace their identities.

"Please Baby Please" is an intense and suspenseful film that explores themes of love, identity, and the struggle for acceptance in a time of societal repression. It delves into the complexities of sexuality and the lengths individuals are willing to go to protect those they love, even when faced with danger and adversity.
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