Thriller,Horror   United Kingdom

After enduring the horrors of war and escaping their war-torn homeland, South Sudan, Rial and Bol Majur, a young refugee couple, find themselves relocated to a small town in England. Placed in a dilapidated government housing unit, they are given strict rules to follow to maintain their asylum status.

As they attempt to adjust to their new surroundings, Rial and Bol soon realize that their new home is not as welcoming as it initially seems. Strange phenomena begin to occur, including unexplained noises, bizarre happenings, and unsettling visions. They soon come to believe that there is an evil presence residing within their house.

At the same time, they face hostility and discrimination from the local community, who treat them as outsiders and show no empathy towards their traumatic experiences. As their experiences within the house worsen, Rial and Bol's relationship is tested, and they struggle to maintain their sanity and unity.

Determined to confront the sinister forces haunting their residence, Rial seeks the aid of a support worker, Mark, who tries to downplay their fears as mere figments of their imagination. However, as the evil in the house grows stronger, Bol becomes increasingly convinced of its existence and the danger it poses to their lives.

As the couple delves deeper into the mystery, they uncover dark secrets intertwining their house's history with their own past trauma. A horrifying figure from their homeland begins to haunt them, forcing them to confront their inner demons and the atrocities they witnessed.

With the help of a local priest, the couple learns about a chilling ritual that took place in the house long ago. They realize that by facing their past and the darkness surrounding them, they must perform their own harrowing act of redemption to break free from the quiet evil that lingers within.

In the face of supernatural terror and xenophobia, Rial and Bol fight to preserve their love, sanity, and the hope for a better future, knowing that both their lives and their souls hang in the balance. The movie His House explores the harrowing journey of two refugees caught between their traumatic past and the chilling truth of their new reality.
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