Drama,TV Movie   United States of America

In the movie, the Good Samaritan, named Greg, has always been known for his kindness and generosity in the small town. However, he has been struggling financially and has never been able to fulfill his own dreams. One day, he wins a small fortune in a lottery and decides to use the money to bring a little holiday cheer to the people in his town.

Greg comes up with a plan to play secret Santa for 12 days leading up to Christmas, anonymously gifting different families and individuals in need with the things that will make their holiday season brighter. As he carries out his kind deeds, he starts to form connections with the people he helps and begins to see the impact his actions have on their lives.

During his 12 days of giving, Greg meets a single mother, Sarah, who is struggling to make ends meet and provide a special Christmas for her daughter. As Greg helps Sarah and her daughter, they form a special bond and Greg finds himself falling in love with Sarah. Throughout the movie, Greg's secret Santa acts bring joy and hope to the town and ultimately lead to a heartwarming and touching love story with Sarah.
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