Comedy,Drama   United States of America

Charlie Bartlett is a comedy-drama film that follows the titular character as he navigates the trials and tribulations of high school life. Charlie's antics draw the attention of the school's principal, who is concerned about his unorthodox methods and the potential danger of Charlie's "treatment" of his peers.

Despite facing resistance from the school administration, Charlie continues to provide counseling and medication to his classmates, including his love interest, Susan. As he gains popularity, he also forms a close friendship with a troubled classmate, who helps him deal with his own issues.

However, Charlie's actions eventually catch up with him, leading to consequences that force him to confront the root of his own problems and find healthier ways to cope with his struggles. The film explores themes of friendship, mental health, and the impact of social pressures on teenagers.

In the end, Charlie Bartlett learns important life lessons about acceptance, empathy, and the true meaning of friendship, as he and his peers navigate the challenges of growing up.
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