Drama,Comedy   United States of America

Alex, a troubled man, reaches his breaking point and places a cryptic classified ad expressing his desire to end his life. Unbeknownst to him, October, a young woman struggling with her own sense of purpose, stumbles upon the ad and is drawn to it in an inexplicable way. Feeling a strange connection, October decides to answer the ad and meets Alex.

As they come face to face, October discovers that Alex is not like anyone she has met before. He carries a heavy burden of past traumas, which have led him to this desperate decision. Intrigued by his complexity, October feels compelled to understand him better and embarks on a mission to convince Alex that life is worth living.

As October delves deeper into Alex's life, she uncovers the series of events and choices that have led him to this point. She realizes that life and death can often be determined by the smallest decisions made in the darkest moments. Through their frequent meetings, conversations, and shared experiences, October begins to chip away at the walls Alex has built around himself, offering him glimpses of hope and purpose.

However, their journey is not without challenges. Alex's inner demons constantly threaten to pull him back into despair, and October becomes torn between her desire to save him and the weight of her own uncertainties. She must confront her own fears and insecurities, battling against the possibility of losing someone she has grown to care deeply about.

As their bond grows stronger, Alex and October discover the power of human connection and resilience. Together, they challenge the notion that life's hardships are insurmountable and learn that even the simplest choices can have profound effects on one's future.

In the end, Alex and October realize that life's complexities and struggles are part of what makes it worthwhile. They find solace in each other, understanding that their shared experiences have brought them closer to understanding the delicate balance between life and death. Through their relationship, they discover the strength to overcome adversity and the significance of embracing the smallest moments that bring joy and meaning to their lives.
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