Drama,Crime,Comedy   United States of America

In the movie Lying and Stealing, the protagonist, Ivan Warding, is a talented and renowned art thief who has grown tired of his life of crime. With a desire to leave this dangerous profession behind, he plans to pull off one last heist that will ensure his freedom from the criminal world.

Ivan's chance for redemption arises when he meets Elyse, a seductive and cunning con artist. Elyse sees potential in Ivan and proposes a lucrative opportunity to him—the duo will team up to steal a precious and highly valuable painting from a corrupt and unethical art collector.

As Ivan reluctantly agrees to the risky plan, he finds himself falling for Elyse. Together, they meticulously devise a brilliant strategy to infiltrate the heavily guarded fortress-like mansion where the painting is kept.

However, as the heist intensifies and the pressure rises, Ivan and Elyse must navigate their complex relationship while also dealing with unexpected betrayals and dangerous adversaries. The duo faces numerous obstacles and close encounters with law enforcement, rival thieves, and unexpected surprises that challenge their every move.

In their quest for freedom and redemption, Ivan and Elyse realize they cannot fully escape their criminal pasts. They must confront their inner demons and make difficult choices that will ultimately determine their fates. Will they be able to outsmart their enemies and pull off the ultimate heist, or will their twisted pasts catch up with them, leading to devastating consequences?

Lying and Stealing brings together an intoxicating blend of action, suspense, romance, and a dash of moral ambiguity as Ivan and Elyse strive to reclaim their lives and find redemption in a world where lies and deceit are paramount.
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