Horror,Thriller   United States of America

Contracted is a horror film that takes a disturbing and psychological approach to storytelling. The plot revolves around Samantha, a young woman in her early twenties who is trying to find her place in life. After a breakup with her girlfriend, Samantha attends a party where she eventually ends up having a one-night stand with a mysterious stranger named BJ.

Soon after this encounter, Samantha begins to experience a series of strange symptoms, including intense stomach pains, excessive bleeding, and a rapid deterioration of her physical and mental health. Initially attributing these symptoms to a sexually transmitted disease, Samantha's condition worsens as she starts losing her hair, nails, and teeth.

As the storyline progresses, it becomes evident that Samantha's affliction goes far beyond a typical STD. Her once vibrant and energetic personality gradually erodes, leaving behind a shell of a person. She desperately seeks answers and medical help but faces disbelief and skepticism from doctors, friends, and even her own mother.

As Samantha's body continues to deteriorate, she becomes more and more isolated, both physically and emotionally. Haunted by the idea that her deteriorating condition is irreversible, Samantha begins to unravel mentally, spiraling into a state of paranoia. Desperate to find some semblance of control, Samantha struggles to uncover the truth behind her illness and the mysterious connection to BJ.

Throughout the movie, there are unsettling and graphic scenes that showcase Samantha's transformation, reflecting the horrors she is experiencing. As her body deteriorates, her relationships deteriorate as well, and she finds herself abandoned, despised, and ultimately alone.

In a climactic moment, Samantha confronts BJ, who reveals that he intentionally infected her with a highly contagious and lethal virus. The horrifying truth behind Samantha's illness is that it is not an STD but rather a deadly infection purposely engineered to spread and cause chaos.

As Samantha's condition worsens to its final stages, the film dives deeper into exploring the psychological torment she experiences, capturing the terror and helplessness she feels in her last moments. The movie concludes with a shocking and unsettling twist, leaving the audience with thought-provoking questions about the nature of evil and the destructive power of both physical and emotional infections.
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