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Maryellen is a spirited young girl with a passion for making Christmas special for her family and friends. She dreams of creating a magical holiday experience, but her plans for a big celebration are dashed when a sudden storm leads to power outages and disruptions.

Amidst the chaos, Maryellen is determined to spread Christmas cheer. When Benji, a family friend who has been diagnosed with polio, comes to stay with them, Maryellen sees an opportunity to truly make a difference. She becomes determined to show Benji a fun and festive Christmas, despite the challenges they face.

As the family navigates the unexpected obstacles, Maryellen learns that the best gifts are not found under the tree, but rather in moments of love, kindness, and friendship. She discovers that simple gestures and meaningful connections can bring joy and warmth to the holiday season.

Throughout the movie, Maryellen and her family come together to support Benji and create lasting memories during a challenging time. It is a heartwarming story of resilience, compassion, and the true spirit of Christmas.
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