Drama,Family,Comedy   United States of America


The Grass Harp follows the story of Collin Fenwick, a young man who is orphaned at a young age and sent to live with his two eccentric aunts, Verena and Dolly Talbo, in a small town in Alabama. The aunts have a contentious relationship, with the domineering Verena always trying to control Dolly's life and business endeavors.

Collin befriends their neighbor, the reclusive Judge Charlie Cool, and Dolly’s housekeeper, Catherine Creek, who is a free-spirited and independent woman. The four of them form a close bond and seek refuge in a makeshift treehouse called the Grass Harp, where they find solace and comfort in each other's company.

As the story unfolds, the town becomes divided over a conflict between Verena and a local businessman, and Collin, Dolly, Catherine, and Judge Cool find themselves caught in the middle of the drama. They ultimately must come together to defend their family and home against outside forces, and in the process, they discover the strength of their own individuality and the power of their bond.

The Grass Harp is a heartwarming tale about love, friendship, and the resilience of the human spirit, set against the backdrop of a tumultuous period in American history.
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