Drama,Thriller   United States of America

Runaway Jury is a legal thriller film based on John Grisham's novel of the same name. The story revolves around a high-profile lawsuit against a major gun manufacturer, brought by the widow of a man killed in a workplace shooting. The plaintiff's attorney, Wendell Rohr, is determined to hold the gun company accountable for negligence in their marketing and distribution of firearms.

Meanwhile, both the defense attorney, Durwood Cable, and the gun company's jury consultant, Rankin Fitch, are concerned about a potential large settlement that could set a dangerous precedent for future cases. To ensure a favorable outcome, Fitch and Cable engage in jury tampering and manipulation to secure a favorable jury for the defense.

At the same time, a mysterious young man named Nicholas Easter has insinuated himself into the jury pool with the intention of manipulating the verdict for his own gain. He and his girlfriend, Marlee, are actually working together to blackmail both the plaintiff and defense in a bid to sell the jury's verdict to the highest bidder.

As the trial progresses, the manipulation and secret motives of the jurors and the outside influencers come to light, leading to a high-stakes battle both inside and outside the courtroom. The film ultimately explores themes of justice, corruption, and the power of legal manipulation.
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