Drama,Romance,TV Movie   United States of America

As Lindsay and Wes embark on their road trip, they find themselves facing various obstacles along the way. From car troubles to unexpected detours, they must find a way to put their differences aside and work together to reach their destinations in time for Christmas.

During their journey, Lindsay and Wes start to realize that they have more in common than they initially thought. They bond over their shared love for music and their struggles in the competitive industry. As they open up to each other, they begin to form a deep connection and find solace in each other's company.

When they finally reach their hometowns, Lindsay and Wes are greeted with warm welcomes from their families and friends. However, they soon realize that they each have unresolved issues that they must confront before they can fully embrace the holiday spirit. Together, they help each other face their pasts and come to terms with their own personal demons.

As Christmas Eve approaches, Lindsay and Wes must make a decision - will they part ways and return to their separate lives, or will they choose to stay together and continue their journey as a duo? In the end, they discover that the true meaning of the holiday season is not about fame or success, but about finding happiness and fulfillment in the connections we make with others.
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