Comedy,Drama   France

"Going Places" follows the exploits of two mischievous and directionless troublemakers named Jean-Claude and Pierrot. They roam around causing chaos, harassing and assaulting women, stealing, and even committing murder. Despite their criminal activities, they possess a charm that often helps them worm their way out of trouble.

Marie-Ange, a disillusioned and passive hairdresser, becomes entangled in their lives when she joins them as their lover, cook, and confidante. She is drawn to their rebellious nature and joins them in their relentless pursuit of pleasure and excitement.

As the trio continues their escapades, they embark on a series of adventures, always taking whatever the bourgeoisie holds dear. They steal cars, disrupt the peace of mind of their victims, and even target the daughters of the wealthy. Their actions are driven by a desire to challenge societal norms and take what they believe they deserve.

Throughout the film, Marie-Ange increasingly becomes enamored with the thrill-seeking lifestyle of Jean-Claude and Pierrot. She embraces her own search for sexual pleasure, exploring her desires and pushing the boundaries of her own comfort.

As their journey progresses, the trio encounters various obstacles, including law enforcement, rival criminals, and the consequences of their own reckless actions. They rely on their wit, charm, and sometimes physical violence to navigate these challenges and avoid capture.

"Going Places" is a dark, provocative and often controversial film that explores the blurred lines between morality and desire, as well as the destructive nature of limitless freedom. It delves into the complex themes of sexuality, rebellion, and the search for fulfillment in a world filled with disillusionment.
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