Drama,Animation,Adventure,Family   United States of America,France,Luxembourg

White Fang is a classic adventure novel written by Jack London, set in the Yukon territory during the Klondike Gold Rush. The story follows a half-wolf, half-dog named White Fang, who goes through several masters and experiences a variety of challenges and adventures.

In the novel, White Fang starts off as a wild wolf cub, but he is eventually captured by humans and becomes a sled dog. He is then sold to three different owners, each with their own unique personality and agenda. The first, Beauty Smith, is a cruel and abusive man who forces White Fang to fight other dogs for entertainment. The second, Weedon Scott, is a kind and compassionate man who treats White Fang with love and respect, ultimately winning the wolf-dog's loyalty.

Throughout the story, White Fang learns to adapt to the different masters and the challenges they present, ultimately finding a sense of belonging with Weedon Scott. The novel explores themes of loyalty, survival, and the struggle between civilization and the wild, as well as the impact of human influence on the natural world.

Overall, White Fang's journey is one of growth and self-discovery, as he navigates the harsh and unforgiving wilderness of the Yukon territory and the complexities of human relationships.
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