Thriller,Fantasy   Canada,United States of America

After receiving the threatening message, Roni and Kirk discover that the ghost who sent it is connected to a series of murders that have been occurring in their town. As they delve deeper into the shadow world, they realize that the killer is using the ghostly remnants of the apocalyptic event to hunt down and murder specific individuals.

Roni and Kirk must navigate through the treacherous world of vengeful spirits, uncovering dark secrets and facing dangerous challenges along the way. They soon realize that they are not only racing against time to stop the killer, but also against the encroaching forces of the supernatural world that threaten to consume them.

As they uncover the truth behind the murders and the connection to the apocalyptic event, Roni and Kirk find themselves drawn closer together, their bond growing stronger as they fight to survive and protect those they care about.

The movie is filled with intense and thrilling supernatural elements, as well as a captivating romance that unfolds amidst the chaos and danger of the shadow world. It's a spellbinding and gripping story that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats until the very end.
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