Drama   Japan

As Mikami navigates his way through the challenges of reentering society, he is met with skepticism and discrimination due to his criminal past. Despite his best efforts, Mikami struggles to find a job that will accept him, leaving him feeling disillusioned and hopeless. Along the way, he encounters various characters who either try to exploit him or genuinely want to assist him in rebuilding his life.

In his pursuit to locate his mother, Mikami encounters dead ends and false leads. Determined to find her, he becomes increasingly obsessed, often neglecting other aspects of his life and straining his relationship with Tsunoda. As Mikami's frustrations grow, he finds himself reverting to his violent tendencies, resulting in clashes with authority figures and worsening his chances of finding stable employment.

However, through Tsunoda's unwavering support and guidance, Mikami begins to find glimpses of hope and redemption. Tsunoda pushes Mikami to confront his past and grapple with his inner demons, ultimately helping him come to terms with the mistakes he has made and the choices that led him down his criminal path.

At one point, Mikami uncovers a clue that leads him to a remote countryside town, where he believes his mother may be hiding. Desperate and yearning for closure, Mikami confronts the painful memories of his childhood and the reasons that led to his separation from his mother. In this emotional journey, Mikami starts to reconcile with the past and find solace in the present.

In a poignant climax, Mikami finally reunites with his mother after years of searching. The encounter is bittersweet, as Mikami realizes that his mother's life has moved on without him, and she has built a new family. In this newfound reunion, Mikami finds closure but also learns the importance of moving forward and letting go of his past.

Under the Open Sky is a compelling exploration of second chances, redemption, and the unbreakable bond between a mother and her child. It delves deep into the complexities of human nature, offering a nuanced perspective on society's treatment of ex-convicts and the societal barriers they face. Through Mikami's journey, the film invites the audience to reflect upon themes of forgiveness, acceptance, and the capacity for change.
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