War,Drama   United States of America

"War Hunt" is a 1962 war film directed by Denis Sanders. The film follows Private Loomis, a new recruit in the midst of the Korean War, who is eager to make a difference and bring peace to the world. He is idealistic and eager to prove himself on the front lines.

However, Loomis soon becomes acquainted with Sergeant Ennis, a seasoned soldier who has become unhinged during his time in the war. Ennis goes on one-man patrols at night, secretly slitting the throats of enemy soldiers. He is haunted by the horrors of war and has become a psychotic loner.

Amidst this chaos, the two soldiers encounter a young Korean orphan boy, named C C, who becomes a source of conflict and a point of contention between Loomis and Ennis. Loomis sees the boy as an innocent victim of war and feels a sense of responsibility to protect him, while Ennis views him as a potential threat and nuisance.

As the ceasefire draws near, the tension between the characters culminates in a final resolution. The film explores the psychological impact of war on individuals and the moral dilemmas faced by soldiers in the midst of conflict. It delves into the themes of humanity, morality, and the devastating effects of war on the human psyche.
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