Family,Science Fiction   United States of America

Luke Malloy wakes up on what he believes to be his last day of summer break, filled with excitement and anticipation. He spends the day enjoying various activities with his friends, making the most of his freedom before the start of middle school. However, in the evening, he starts feeling anxious about the impending school year, especially the thought of being targeted by Meat, the notorious bully who torments new kids.

In a moment of desperation, Luke makes a heartfelt wish that the Last Day of Summer would never end, hoping to avoid the challenges and fears that lie ahead. To his surprise, his wish miraculously comes true. Luke finds himself trapped in an endless time loop, forced to relive the same day over and over again.

Initially, Luke revels in the endless freedom afforded by his predicament. He indulges in all his favorite activities, eats endless ice cream, and avoids any responsibilities or consequences. However, as the time loop continues, Luke realizes that the excitement of his perfect day begins to fade. He becomes bored and lonely, longing for genuine connections and new experiences.

As Luke tries to break free from the time loop, he seeks advice from various people in his life, including his family, friends, and a wise old woman rumored to possess extraordinary knowledge. Through these interactions, he learns valuable life lessons about the importance of embracing change, overcoming fears, and appreciating the fleeting nature of time.

Realizing that he cannot escape the time loop on his own, Luke understands that he must confront his fear of starting middle school and standing up to bullies like Meat. With newfound confidence and wisdom, he resolves to make the most of his real last day of summer, taking risks and making amends for past mistakes.

In a climactic moment, Luke confronts Meat, standing up for himself and ultimately diffusing the bully's power. This act of bravery and self-acceptance breaks the time loop, bringing Luke back to the present moment. With a renewed perspective on life, Luke embraces the challenges and uncertainties of middle school, knowing that he possesses the strength to face whatever comes his way.
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