Horror,Western,Adventure,Drama,Thriller   United States of America

After discovering the spear of the cannibal tribe, Sheriff Hunt, his deputy Chicory, the town's gunslinger, Brooder, and the injured stranger's husband, Arthur, set out on a dangerous journey to rescue the missing couple.

As they travel through the harsh wilderness, they face many challenges and dangers, including hostile Native Americans, treacherous terrain, and limited supplies. Along the way, they also encounter a group of savagely violent troglodytes who are responsible for the prisoner and nurse's abduction.

The group must navigate through various obstacles and setbacks, leading to intense and brutal confrontations with the cannibal tribe. As they get closer to their destination, tensions rise among the men, testing their loyalty and bravery.

Ultimately, the rescue mission takes a toll on everyone involved, with sacrifices made and devastating consequences. The group must confront their fears and inner demons as they face the horrifying reality of the cannibal tribe's savagery.

In a final showdown, Sheriff Hunt and his companions must fight for their survival and rescue the prisoners before it's too late. The film concludes with a shocking and gripping climax that leaves a lasting impact on the characters and the audience.
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