Drama,Action,Fantasy   India

Odiyan is a Malayalam-language fantasy thriller film that tells the story of Manikyan, the last surviving member of the Odiyan clan in Kerala. The Odiyans are shape-shifting black magicians who have the ability to take on the form of animals. However, with the arrival of electricity in the region, their powers have become obsolete, and they are being hunted down and killed by the British.

Manikyan, portrayed by actor Mohanlal, is determined to save his clan from extinction. He uses his stealth and shape-shifting abilities to launch covert attacks on the British soldiers and protect his people. At the same time, he grapples with personal demons and a tragic love story from his past.

In the process, Manikyan comes face to face with powerful and cunning adversaries, and he must use all his wits and cunning to outsmart them. The film is a blend of supernatural elements, action, and drama as Manikyan battles to keep the Odiyan legacy alive.

The movie delves into the themes of tradition, legacy, and the clash between ancient beliefs and modernity. It also touches on the impact of colonial rule on indigenous cultures and the struggle for survival in changing times. Odiyan is a visually stunning and emotionally charged film that takes the audience on a thrilling and poignant journey through folklore and myth.
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