Comedy   United States of America

The dethroned queen bee, Veronica, is determined to regain her status at the high school after she's been ostracized by her former friends and classmates. She views the new student, Emily, as an opportunity to enact revenge on those who have betrayed her.

Emily, on the other hand, is just trying to fit in and navigate the treacherous social dynamics of the school. She's taken aback when Veronica approaches her with a proposition: if Emily helps her take down her enemies, Veronica will mentor her in the ways of the social elite.

As they join forces, the two girls begin to understand each other's struggles and insecurities. They form an unlikely bond as they scheme and strategize to take down their mutual enemies. However, their plan starts to unravel as they realize that revenge comes with consequences and they begin to question the cost of their actions.

As the stakes rise and they find themselves in over their heads, Veronica and Emily must decide if the price of revenge is worth the sacrifice of their integrity and friendships. In the end, they each must confront the consequences of their actions and decide what really matters to them.
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