Comedy,Family,Romance   United States of America

Sure! In the movie, Katie Gibbs is a talented singer who dreams of becoming a famous musician. She attends a performing arts high school where she meets Luke Morgan, a popular and talented musician who catches her eye. Despite her stepmother, Gail Van Ravensway, constantly putting her down and her stepsister, Bev Van Ravensway, trying to sabotage her at every turn, Katie continues to pursue her passion for music.

As Katie and Luke grow closer, Gail sees an opportunity to use Katie's talent to further her own agenda. She convinces Luke to collaborate with Katie on a song for the school's upcoming talent show, but secretly plans to steal the credit and make Luke a star. However, Katie's determination and talent shine through, and she ultimately realizes that she doesn't need anyone else to make her dreams come true.

With the help of her friend and mentor, Mia, Katie auditions for a record label executive and wows him with her performance. She ultimately gets her big break and is on her way to achieving her dream of becoming a successful musician. Along the way, she also finds love with Luke, who sees her for who she truly is and supports her every step of the way.

A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song is a heartwarming tale of perseverance, following your dreams, and finding love in unexpected places. With catchy musical numbers, quirky characters, and a modern twist on a classic story, it's a feel-good movie that's sure to inspire viewers of all ages.
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