Documentary   United States of America

The documentary takes viewers on a journey as these scientists push the boundaries of knowledge and exploration in their respective fields. Throughout the film, they engage in dialogue with each other, sharing their methods, experiences, and findings in an attempt to uncover answers to some of the most fundamental questions about our existence and the universe.

The scientists featured in the documentary come from diverse disciplines, including physics, biology, chemistry, and neuroscience, and they work in locations ranging from deep sea vents to the vast expanse of outer space. As they conduct their research, they also confront the inherent uncertainties and challenges that come with exploring the unknown, ultimately highlighting the shared human endeavor to understand the nature of reality.

The film offers a compelling look at the scientific process and the dedication of these researchers as they strive to unlock the mysteries of the universe, shedding light on the interconnectedness of all scientific disciplines and the universal quest for knowledge.
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