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"Johnny Carson: King of Late Night" is a documentary film that provides a comprehensive and intimate look into the life and career of Johnny Carson. The film presents a chronological narrative, beginning with Carson's birth in 1925 and follows his journey to becoming one of the most influential and beloved late-night television hosts.

The documentary features commentary from various individuals who were part of Carson's life, including an ex-wife, over 30 fellow comedians, friends, employees, and biographers. Through their insights, the film delves into the factors that made Carson an enduring star.

Carson's charm and unique qualities are highlighted, such as his cool demeanor, impeccable timing, genuine laugh, and extensive knowledge. These attributes contributed to his iconic status in the entertainment industry.

In addition to exploring Carson's public persona, the documentary also delves into his personal life and motivations. It portrays him as a loner with a drinking problem, perhaps stemming from his Midwestern upbringing, wherein his mother withheld approval. Despite this, Carson was a quiet person who found solace in entertaining others.

The film argues that the key to truly understanding Johnny Carson lies in his love for magic. It reveals how his passion for magic tricks and illusions, developed from a young age, played a significant role in shaping his personality and approach to entertainment.

Overall, "Johnny Carson: King of Late Night" provides a comprehensive portrait of the legendary talk show host, going beyond his on-screen persona to explore the motivations, struggles, and lesser-known aspects of his life.
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