Music,Drama,Fantasy   N/A

As the college music student, Malorie, becomes more involved in the world of prostitution, she begins to struggle with her dual identity and the moral implications of her choices. She forms relationships with various clients, each of whom offers a different perspective on her situation.

One client, a wealthy businessman named Anton, becomes particularly close to Malorie and helps her explore her artistic talents in ways she never imagined. Through their relationship, Malorie begins to find the inspiration she needs to break through her creative block and finally complete her major musical composition.

However, as Malorie delves deeper into the world of prostitution and her relationships with her clients become increasingly complicated, she must ultimately confront the consequences of her actions and decide what truly matters to her - her art, her relationships, or her own sense of self. The film delves into themes of identity, creativity, and the power of human connection.
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