Documentary   United States of America

The team of modern adventurers consists of a diverse group of individuals, each with their own skills and expertise. They set out on their quest for gold in the rugged and treacherous mountains of eastern Arizona, following clues and rumors that lead them to an old mine rumored to be filled with untold riches.

As they navigate the unforgiving terrain and face numerous challenges, including dangerous wildlife, harsh weather conditions, and rival treasure hunters, the team also delves into the history of the area, learning about the legendary Jacob Waltz, a prospector who allegedly discovered the mine and its fabled gold deposits. They also uncover the tragic and mysterious events surrounding the mine, including the disappearances of previous expeditions and the curse that is said to haunt the place.

As the group races against time and their adversaries, they must also confront their own personal demons and conflicts, testing their loyalty and resolve. Ultimately, they must decide if the lure of wealth is worth the risks and sacrifices they face, and whether the quest for gold will bring them fortune or lead to their downfall.
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