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In the movie Bitter Melon, the De La Cruz family reunites at their childhood home in San Francisco for the Christmas holidays. The family is a mix of quirky and complex characters, with tensions and secrets simmering beneath the surface.

The abusive member of the family is named Felix, the older brother of Declan, who is the main protagonist. Felix is a violent and controlling individual who has caused immense pain and suffering to his loved ones for many years. Declan, along with his siblings Mina and Troy, decides that this year they will take matters into their own hands and put an end to Felix's reign of terror.

The plan concocted by the De La Cruz siblings takes an unexpected twist. Instead of simply killing Felix, they plot to stage his death as an accident, making it look like he slipped on a bitter melon peel and hit his head, thereby ridding themselves of his abusive presence while avoiding criminal consequences.

As the family gathers for Christmas preparations, tensions rise, and the plot becomes increasingly complicated. The plan faces numerous obstacles and challenges, but the siblings are determined to execute it, believing it is the only way to finally find peace and restore happiness to their family.

Throughout the film, dark comedic moments arise from the dysfunctional dynamics of the family and the absurd situations that occur during their plotting. The De La Cruz siblings navigate their way through unexpected twists and turns, questioning their choices and dealing with their own guilt and conflicting emotions.

Bitter Melon explores themes of family, forgiveness, and the complex nature of love. In the midst of their dark plan, the De La Cruz family is forced to confront their own demons, face their past traumas, and ultimately learn the true meaning of redemption.

The movie skillfully balances its dark comedic elements with moments of poignant emotion, offering a unique and thought-provoking portrayal of a family striving to find healing amidst the chaos of their dysfunctional relationships.
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