Comedy,Drama,Romance   United States of America

Olivia, a smart and talented woman in her late thirties, experiences a mid-life crisis while working as a maid in Los Angeles. Feeling dissatisfied with her meaningless job, she decides to quit her lucrative position to pursue a more fulfilling life. This significant change brings uncertainty and challenges in various aspects of her life.

One of the main conflicts Olivia faces is the stark difference between her financial status and that of her wealthy friends. While Olivia struggles to make ends meet, her three closest friends, Franny, Christine, and Jane, live luxurious and privileged lives. Franny, a stay-at-home mom married to a successful businessman, indulges in extravagant spending and seems to be unsympathetic to Olivia's financial struggle. Christine and her husband David, a screenwriter, appear to be fulfilled with their high-income careers but deal with issues of infidelity and disconnection in their relationship. Jane, a fashion designer, is successful in her career but feels unhappy in her love life.

Throughout the movie, Olivia tries to maintain her friendships despite feeling like an outsider due to her financial circumstances. She attends expensive parties and events with her friends, feeling uncomfortable and out of place. Despite her best efforts, Olivia's friends often dismiss her struggles and fail to understand her decision to leave her job. The widening distance between Olivia and her friends puts a strain on their relationships, leaving her feeling isolated and questioning her choices.

In her search for purpose and happiness, Olivia encounters Marty, a fitness trainer with a kind heart. They form a connection, and he becomes a supportive and understanding presence in her life. Their growing relationship helps Olivia to regain her self-confidence and find joy in simple pleasures rather than the materialistic values held by her previous circle of friends.

In the climax of the movie, Olivia is faced with a choice: either reconcile with her financially successful friends or continue building a more authentic life with Marty. She confronts her friends about their lack of empathy and their inability to see beyond their own wealth and success. This confrontation raises important questions about the meaning of true friendship and the value of money in one's life.

In the end, Olivia realizes that her previous friendships were based on superficiality and materialism. She decides to let go of these toxic relationships and fully embraces her newfound happiness with Marty, appreciating the authenticity and simplicity of their connection. Olivia's journey teaches her the importance of self-discovery, self-worth, and the true meaning of friendship.
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