Comedy,Drama,Mystery,Thriller   United States of America

In the movie Silver City, the bumbling local politician, Dickie Pilager, is running for governor of Colorado, hoping to continue his family's long-standing political legacy. However, his campaign takes an unexpected turn when a dead body is discovered on a construction site for a new resort that Pilager's campaign supports.

The corpse is believed to be a migrant worker named Miguel, and the discovery leads to suspicion, as it is believed that he was murdered due to his involvement in uncovering corrupt practices and environmental violations committed by Pilager's campaign and their business allies. The incident triggers a scandal that threatens to expose the dark underbelly of Pilager's political organization and its ties to powerful corporations.

As Pilager's campaign team scrambles to contain the situation and maintain their candidate's image, an investigative journalist named Danny O'Brien begins digging deeper into the case. O'Brien is determined to uncover the truth behind Miguel's death and expose the corruption within Pilager's campaign.

Through his investigation, O'Brien connects the dots to a powerful billionaire businessman, Wes Benteen, who has been pulling the strings behind Pilager's campaign from the shadows. Benteen is known for his ruthless tactics and his control over various industries, including mining and real estate development. It becomes evident that Benteen is using Pilager as a puppet to further his own interests, without regard for the consequences.

As O'Brien inches closer to revealing the truth, he faces numerous threats and attempts to silence him. However, fueled by a desire for justice, he remains undeterred. With the help of an ex-lover, Nora, who works for a government watchdog organization, O'Brien uncovers evidence of illegal activities, bribery, and manipulation committed by Pilager and his cohorts.

The final act of the movie culminates in a high-stakes showdown at a public debate between Pilager and his main political opponent. O'Brien manages to gather enough evidence to expose Pilager's connection to Miguel's murder, as well as the corrupt practices orchestrated by Benteen. In a dramatic turn of events, Pilager is forced to confront his dark past and the true nature of his political career.

Ultimately, the discovery of the corpse and the subsequent investigation unravel Pilager's campaign, tarnishing his image and revealing the extent of the corruption within his political organization. The movie serves as a critique of American politics, shedding light on the shady dealings and power struggles that often occur behind the scenes, threatening the integrity of the democratic process.
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